What kind of insights could you uncover if you had a few hours or a few days of mindful and meaningful space to contemplate yourself, the world, and your place in it?


about retreats

Brian started his journey toward yoga teaching and life coaching after taking a spur of the moment visit to a yoga retreat in Northern Maine. That brief time away changed his perspective on career, healthy eating, relationships, self care, and more. Time away from everyday tasks and responsibilities is a powerful way to gain new viewpoints on your needs, values and priorities. To this end, Brian offers retreat experiences that vary in distance and timing to fit different schedules. Email Brian for details about any of these upcoming retreat opportunities.


Half-Day Guided Life Retreats with Cynthia Yoder

These retreats last anywhere from 2-4 hours and incorporate gentle yoga, chanting, meditation, and visualization journeying accompanied by a frame drum.

Yoga & Coaching Retreat to Sewall House, Maine

This 4-night experience includes accommodations in the historic Sewall House Yoga Retreat, 3 vegetarian meals per day, 2 yoga sessions per day, 2 private coaching sessions, and optional outdoor excursions for hiking, kayaking, swimming, and more (weather permitting).

Men's Retreat Group at Asbury Park, NJ

This bi-monthly retreat group offers men a space to explore their deeper needs for closer connection to male peers and gives men tools for exploring their emotional needs for intimacy, deep understanding, and acceptance. We use techniques from yoga, Zen and other awareness modalities to facilitate our goals. The group offers weekend retreats periodically for a fuller immersion in the group.