Does it ever feel like you are paddling your boat alone?

What would it feel like to have a partner in your boat that shared your journey, encouraged you to go deeper to meet your challenges, and asked the powerful questions that fostered goal setting, progress and results?



The questions above provide an explanation and example of life coaching in action. As your coach, I will not provide you with all of life's answers, but will offer full partnership as you uncover your own deepest desires and action steps to realize those desires. I will also offer accountability to mark your progress and results. Coaching offers this type of unique support through the effective coaching tools of listening actively and attentively, asking powerful questions to deepen awareness and insight, and communicating directly and clearly without judgment or agenda. The second question above is an example of a powerful question that a coach might ask. This type of coaching experience is different from mentorship or therapeutic sessions because the session is driven by the client with your wants and needs always at the center of our focus. This type of coaching can help with:

  • Major life transitions & decisions
  • Starting or changing careers
  • Health, wellness and fitness related goals
  • Relationship or interpersonal issues
  • Feelings of being "stuck" or without direction
  • Aligning your life's priorities with your own personal values
  • Any topic you would consider important to your personal growth can be considered!


Brian specializes in helping holistic business practitioners set and surpass their business-related goals. Using the same coaching tools of direct communication, full partnership, sharing of insight, and asking powerful questions, Brian can help get your business on track. He has over fifteen years experience as an accomplished businessman and entrepreneur and has succeeded in the healing arts industry as a massage therapist, yoga instructor, healthy lifestyle magazine publisher, and coach.

Brian offered me masterful coaching about challenging projects at work. I left my sessions feeling more clear about how I felt and next steps to move forward.
— Meg, Non-Profit Executive Director


Coaching sessions take place via phone or Skype and generally are scheduled once per week at your convenience during regular business hours (M-F, 9a - 6p). Sessions outside these hours may be available by request and at additional charge. Your first session will last 1 hour, including more time to establish our coaching relationship. Subsequent sessions will last 45 minutes. Once you sign up for your first session online, you'll be given the number to call for your session at the designated time.

Coaching Packages

One-month Package includes: Four coaching sessions and up to two email check-ins per week ($389)

Three-month Package includes: Twelve coaching sessions and up to two email check-ins per week ($1,049) SAVE 10%

Coaching & Private Yoga Packages

One-month Package includes: Four coaching sessions, four private yoga sessions, and up to two email check-ins per week ($629)

Three-month Package includes: Twelve coaching sessions, twelve private yoga sessions, and up to two email check-ins per week ($1,649) SAVE 12%



I sought Brian out to help me to shift from “dabbling” in Reiki/IET, meditation/mindfulness and yoga at home for friends and family to putting it all together into alternative wellness services within a medical practice. Part of me knew it was a calling, part of me dictated that before I could ever really launch myself, I needed a website & more credentials - despite a wall of certificates and courses. I spent a long time feeling I needed to “birth” myself until I finally confronted the fact that that birthing can get messy and it was time to listen to that small inner voice asking for help.

Working with Brian enabled me to move forward gently yet powerfully. Brian listened to me with ears that heard well beyond my words. He was able to reflect back to me with compassion and support, both what I said as well as what my truer self was asking for or saying. The process was so healing and freeing! He worked with me to build the website and in the process I was transformed! From really disliking the fact that I wasn’t doing this for myself to seeing the wisdom of working with someone. From years of assuming the “student”or VP role to getting the job done and owning my offerings, niche, calling, mastery. I showed up for me and Brian helped me see and do for myself what I knew was in there but didn’t believe in.

I am empowered with a website, new confidence and oh, yeah, before we even got to finish the website I got a job offering alternative wellness services in a medical practice! Now that’s some impressive coaching!

Thank you Brian for your exquisite & professional coaching- your compassion, inspiration, empowerment and all the fun we had in the process!
— Olivia Van Wager,